5 gadgets to save for in 2019

The festive season has only just ended, but if you are a fan of tech gadgets, you probably already have your eye on a gizmo worth saving for. If you haven’t, we have a few good ones lined up for you! These little wonders of technology do sometimes come at a steep price, though, so you’ll have to start putting something in the piggy bank to acquire them. It’ll be worth it, we promise!

1. The Ember self-heating mug

Retailing for between R3000 and R5000, you’d expect this to be more than just a coffee mug and, boy, isn’t it just!

2. The Rocketbook reusable notebook

Practicality meets tradition meets tech with this notebook that allows you to put your notes in the cloud, wipe them off the page, and do it all again. It sells for between R500 and R1000.

3. The Ili portable translator

If you travel a lot, you must have been salivating over this instant translator for a while now. At roughly R6000, it isn’t cheap, but it’s sure to safeguard you against ever getting lost in translation again.

4. The Jamstik smart guitar

Are you a musician? Then you’re fingers are probably itching to have a go on this one. It’s compact and great for on-the-go recording. The Jamstik will set you back just over R4000.


5. The Polaroid OneStep+

Selling for between R2000 and R4000, the Polaroid OneStep+ is an amalgamation of old tech and new tech, and you’ll love making memories with it.

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