ClassDojo is a comprehensive classroom app for the tech age

Perfect for learners and teachers alike, ClassDojo creates the opportunity for rapport between teachers and parents in an innovative way that is ideal for the tech age.

The app can be downloaded by parents, learners and teachers, and according to the ClassDojo website, this allows for collaboration that has not been seen in the field of primary and secondary education.

How it works

ClassDojo for parents lets you stay up to date with the progress your child is making in class by allowing for instant messaging, photos and updates from the classroom.

Educators can use ClassDojo to generate random groups, monitor noise and time activities, among a range of other things.

With ClassDojo, learners are able to create a digital portfolio of their work, which both teachers and parents have access to. Because only their parents can see a particular child’s work, comparisons with the work of their classmates is restricted, and as the teacher needs to approve every upload to their portfolio, feedback given by teachers are specific and useful.

The app is entirely customisable to the needs of a specific classroom, and teachers will love the range of tools available to them for free – in fact, ClassDojo is completely free for parents, students and teachers. ClassDojo can be downloaded for iOS and Android – remember to suggest it to your child’s teachers at the next parent’s evening!

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