5 back-to-school apps to make the transition to the new school year a little smoother

The December break is a thing of the past and all of us are trying our damnedest to get back into the swing of things. If you have children, you’ll know the strange combination of excitement and doldrums that comes with the new school year all too well.

To make it easier on the entire family, check out these five back-to-school apps.

1. Happy Kids Timer

Getting the kids into their normal morning routine after they’ve slept in for the most of December can be a singular challenge for parents. The Happy Kids Timer features eight common morning activities (like getting dressed and brushing their teeth) and ensures that the gang is ready to go when it’s time to do so. Try the evening timer if you struggle getting the little ones to bed at night. Get it on iOS or Android.

2. Cozi Family Organiser

Every parent knows how difficult it can be to organise the entire family’s schedules without any hitches. Cozi syncs with Apple, Google and Outlook calendars to ensure that you never miss any of your appointments, and includes the ability to add a grocery list, journal and to-do list. Enter your children’s extramural activities and never forget to pick them up from swim practice again. Download Cozi for iOS and Android.

3. Headspace

When even classrooms are filled with technology, parents often worry about their kids never “logging off”. Let Headspace teach them the basics of meditation and mindfulness – a skill that they might not learn in the classroom, but that will certainly benefit them for the rest of their lives. Download it on iOS and Android.

4. Khan Academy

If your child always wants to know a little more than the official curriculum teaches, download Khan Academy on iOS and Android. This app is a treasure trove of knowledge that offers instructional videos, practice exercises, as well as in-depth articles on a number of school subjects.

5. LaLa Lunchbox

Do your kids always give you an earful about the contents of their lunchbox? Let them have a hand in the choice and preparation of their lunch with LaLa Lunchbox. Let your kids choose between different monsters, sounds and colours to create a grocery list for various lunch options. Save favourites and never reprimand them for not eating their lunch again. LaLa Lunchbox is available on iOS.

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