Use these 5 websites to learn something new

It is as if the entire world exhales in December. The year is over, and many people are lucky enough to have a break for the first time in months.

Even if your plans are mostly to rest this December, taking advantage of the extra time and turning it into a learning opportunity will get you in the right headspace for the new year.

Here are five websites that can teach you something useful this festive season.

1. HighBrow

HighBrow presents more than 2,500 10-day courses about topics ranging from health and fitness, professional skills and personal growth. Lessons are emailed every morning, and with just 5 minutes a day of learning, you’ll enter the new year with some new skills in tow.

2. Babbel

How long have you been saying you want to learn French? While you have the time, use Babbel to brush up on your language skills. Babbel teaches you practical, conversational language that is great for getting around. And it might come in handy – who knows whether you’ll be in Paris next December?

3. CreativeLive

If you’ve always wanted to learn a creative skill like photography, craft or audio editing, CreativeLive’s classes, taught by seasoned experts in their respective fields is exactly the website you should visit this holiday.

4. Calm

Learn how to make a meditation practice a part of your daily routine with Calm. If you can get the basics down this December, you’ll enter the new year with a skill that will ripple to improve almost all the aspects of your day-to-day life.

5. 7-Min

Lack of time is the excuse that most people use for not pursuing their fitness goals. Well, you have time now – but you’ll only need 7 minutes a day to establish an exercise routine that can easily be integrated into your life when you head back to work in 2019.

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