This Shortcut starts recording automatically when you are pulled over or in a dangerous situation

We’ve written about the useful ways in which Shortcuts can be used in Apple’s iOS 12 before, but a new command created by a Reddit user can prove useful in situations where you want to document events without having to whip out your phone and open the camera app. The command, called “Police”, was created by Reddit user, Robert Peterson.

Speaking to Mic, Peterson explained that the aim of the command is to function as a type of bodycam for civilians when they are pulled over by law enforcement, but we can see this command being useful in any type of dangerous situation where you don’t necessarily want people to know that you are recording your interaction.

A civilian “bodycam” to use in sticky situations

According to Mic, the shortcut triggers a number of actions on an iPhone, including lowering your phone’s brightness, turning on “Do Not Disturb” (which means that you won’t be able to receive any messages, calls or other notifications for the duration of the recording), sending your location via text to an emergency contact to let them know about your situation, and capturing video via the device’s front-facing camera.

This will allow Apple users to record their interaction while also letting those close to them know about it. The captured content can be useful in proving allegations of violence or intimidation.

Apple users can find the command that is used in Shortcuts here.

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