Whether you are using a smartphone or one that isn’t equipped with smart functionalities, USSD (short for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes are one of the simplest ways to stay abreast of exactly what is going on with your Vodacom account.

Having a list of USSD codes handy will ensure that you can take control of a host of functions related to your Vodacom contract or prepaid account. Save time and airtime by simply using one of the helpful USSD codes below.

To use USSD codes, simply dial the code as if you’re entering a number to call, then press the call button on your device.

Practical USSD codes

  • *135# – Access the main USSD services menu. Here, you’ll find a host of other useful menu items to choose from, including accessing customer care services and changing to another prepaid plan. You can also use this USSD code to find out if you are subscribed to any WASP services.
  • *#06# – Find out what your device’s IMEI number is – this number is often needed for insurance and blacklisting purposes, and comprises a 15 or 17-digit number that uniquely identifies your mobile phone.
  • *111*501# – Use this USSD code to find out what the mobile number of the SIM card you are using is, also referred to as the MSISDN (Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number).

Airtime and network-related enquiries

  • *136# – Check the balances currently loaded onto your device, including airtime and data bundles.
  • *136*01*VOUCHERPIN# – Has your airtime run out? Use this USSD code to reload.
  • *135*1002# – If you are a Vodacom prepaid customer, use this code to buy data bundles.
  • *135*072# – Use this code to send airtime to another Vodacom prepaid customer.
  • *140*02*MSISDN# – Request airtime from another Vodacom customer by substituting the “MSISDN” with their mobile number.
  • *140*MSISDN# – Use this code to send a Please Call Me to someone else, replacing “MSISDN” with their mobile number.
  • *140# – Use this code to personalise your message when sending a Please Call Me by, for example, adding your name to make identification easier.
  • *135*082# – Find out whether you qualify for an advance on your airtime, which entitles you to a small amount of airtime that you will only be required to pay once you have recharged again.
  • *135*502# – If you are a Vodacom contract customer, you can use this USSD code to see all your balance information (talk time, SMSs, data and other bundles) and see the details of your contract pla

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