The days of businesses not utilising the internet for their day-to-day operations are over. Businesses now have websites, mail servers and social media sites that all form a part of the greater ecosystem that a business comprises of. With the increased use of the internet, comes an increased need for computing and operating power, especially if the website of a business garners large amounts of traffic. In this regard, businesses that make use of the resources of a server that is shared with other websites are often faced with challenges, including speed, disk space, CPU and RAM issues.

A server that is dedicated to one business is a solution to this conundrum, and will have far-reaching effects in terms of the operations of your business and systems. Here are five benefits of using a dedicated server for your business’s website.

1. Maintenance and purchasing costs are cut

Making use of a dedicated hosting service precludes the need to spend excessive amounts of money on setting up a server for a business, as the cost of building and maintaining server equipment is borne by the dedicated hosting provider. It’s a more cost-effective alternative to a business setting up the infrastructure that is needed by itself, while still allowing a business to take advantage of all the resources that come with a dedicated server.

2. A unique IP address

When sharing a server with a number of other websites, a business may be negatively impacted by the other websites that also make use of the server. For example, if your business’s website shares a server with a website that contains spam or content of an adult nature, your ranking on search engines may be lower. A business that uses a dedicated hosting service has a unique IP address, which means that you won’t be measured by the same yardstick used for the website neighbours that share a particular server.

3. Sharing doesn’t have to be caring

Sharing a server with a number of other website means that you will also have to share the resources of that specific server with the other websites that use it. If those other websites experience a spike in bandwidth usage, that will automatically also affect the speed of your website, which may have a negative impact on the experience of your customers. In addition, bigger websites may take up a lot of the available CPU an RAM. A dedicated hosting service sorts this right out.

4. It’s flexible

A dedicated hosting service allows a business to customise the server according to their needs in terms of the disk space, storage, CPU and RAM that a business requires, without being limited to what is available on a shared server.

5. Performance and security is enhanced

If maximum website uptime is your goal, a dedicated hosting service is imperative – especially if your website has lots of traffic. In addition to this, you will have the peace of mind that you are not sharing resources with malicious websites. Enhanced security is at the heart of using a dedicated server, and if you have an e-commerce website that uses FTP or SSL to handle sensitive transactions, there really is no better way of avoiding the leak of sensitive information.

Dedicated hosting from Vodacom is an affordable way to reap all the benefits of a server that is dedicated to your business, and only yours. To find out more, contact Smartcom for a breakdown of hosting plans and costs, tailored to the particular needs of your business.

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