If you’re looking to learn, Tutor Roots is the app for you

In an effort to radically simplify the process of finding a tutor for yourself or for your child, a new locally developed app is bringing teachers and students together in a way that is easier than ever before.

Tutor Roots does not only untangle the complicated knot that is finding a suitable tutor, but also give tutors the opportunity to showcase their skills to a ready-made market. Tutor Roots also allows users to make in-app payments, to directly chat with tutors, and to schedule lessons.

Tutor Roots has an extensive database of tutors in various fields of study, and for various levels, from Grade 1 to university level. Before they are added to the Tutor Roots database, tutors are fully vetted, and their track record is also verified.

Downloading and registering on Tutor Roots is completely free, and payments to tutors can be made directly via the Tutor Roots app once a lesson has been arranged. The app was developed by Edu Roots, a company that specialises in providing a strong foundation for children, and to encourage growth and stability for a dependable future.

Tutors and students are invited to register on the Tutor Roots app, available on iOS and Android.

Tutor Roots was a finalist in the recently held Seedstart World awards, a competition for seed-stage startups in emerging markets. Check out the video below to learn more.


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