We all have that one friend who is always on top of the latest special offers. You mention that you need to stop by the grocery store for coffee on your way home, and your bargain-savvy friend reminds you that a specific retailer is running an incredible special offer on your favourite brand of java. And they’re always right.

Upon viewing your till slip after doing your monthly grocery shopping, you find yourself wishing you could somehow tap into that well of knowledge all the time. And while your friend will always be at the ready to offer retail advice, there is an easy way to locate the best deals that vendors near you have to offer.

DealZapp is a self-service app that allows merchants to notify bargain hunters of up to 10 of their very best current deals. Because DealZapp is location-based, these deals will only be visible to customers who are in close proximity to retailers, according to pre-defined parameters. Customers can also specify what they are looking for by category, and can set up a shortlist of deals, according to their specifications. What makes DealZapp even better is that said list of special offers can continually be updated without having to use any bandwidth to view deals.

DealZapp for Business is a platform where merchants can upload the best of the best of their special offers for the attention of shoppers nearby who are in search of a good deal, while DealZapp for Customers is an entirely free app with which shoppers can keep tabs on the latest special offers close to them.

DealZapp is the alternative you’ve been looking for during those times when your own personal bargain adviser isn’t at hand, and the app was one of 10 finalists in Seedstars World, a competition for seed-stage startups in emerging markets, held earlier this year. The app is available on Android.

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