Use this app to help others and make a quick buck

A new proudly South African service is attempting to address the ongoing problem of unemployment in the country with an innovative app where everyone wins.

Errandworld was designed to provide a service to people who are short on time, while also providing employment opportunities to those who have too much time on their hands.

The premise is simple. People in need of assistance with tedious tasks like standing in the queue at Home Affairs or picking up groceries (who are called “Erranders” on the app’s platform) can post the tasks they require assistance with, and “runners” then have the opportunity to bid on an errand listing. The errander considers the bids and decides who will perform the errand they need help with.

Errander is a free service, although runners do have to go into a commission agreement with the platform, which will entitle Errandworld to 15% of the entire amount transferred from the runner’s Errandworld wallet when they decide to cash out.

If you’d like to post an errand to Errandworld, it is entirely free.

How it works

Erranders and runners are required to create a profile on the platform, which also requires a verification of your identity with an email address, mobile number, ID copy, Facebook account and picture. Although users are not required to verify their identity with all of these, the app does encourage users to do so, to ensure security and safety for its users.

Upon completion of tasks, erranders pay the amount that was agreed upon into the runner’s Errandworld wallet, from where it can be transferred to the runner’s bank account (after the 15% commission has been deducted). Erranders are free to accept any bid they deem most suitable for a specific task.

Are you looking for some extra cash and have the time to help other people to complete tasks they don’t have time for? Download the Errandworld app for Android and give it a whirl.

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