These rugged smartphones are perfect if you have butterfingers

Most of us have experienced that sinking feeling associated with dropping our phones, and the unfortunate consequences of said blunder.

Smartphone manufacturers are increasingly equipping their devices with stronger glass for the screen, but if you’re someone who likes to (inadvertently) put these to the test, you might want to consider investing in a device that was made to withstand even the harshest treatment.

Here are some of the toughest smartphones in the world.

The CAT S41

This phone doesn’t take its name from the heavy machinery manufacturer for nothing. The S41 sports a full-HD 5-inch screen with Gorilla Glass 5, and its case seals tightly, allowing the phone to be immersed at depths of up to 2 metres for up to an hour. It is drop-proof up to 1.8 metres and can withstand salt mist spray and thermal shocks.

The AGM X2

A rugged phone doesn’t mean you have to compromise on camera quality, and nowhere does this ring truer than with the AGM X2. The phone has a dual-camera set-up, featuring two 12MP Sony IMX386 1.25 micron large pixel rear cameras, as well as a 16MP Samsung S5K3P3 front camera. If you happen to drop your phone while taking an extreme selfie, fear not: this phone’s 5.5-inch AMOLED full display is equipped with Gorilla Glass 5. The phone can be immersed in water of up to 1.5 metres deep, but a patented floating module prevents it from sinking. This seems like the ideal device for the avid outdoorsman.

The Ulefone Armor

A budget-version, compared to its competitors, the Ulefone Armor is a dual-SIM phone kitted out with Gorilla Glass 3. It can withstand immersion in water at depths of up to 1.2 metres for 30 minutes, and you’ll even be able to take pictures under water with the phone’s 13 MP rear camera. Impressively, the Ulefone Armor is able to withstand even the most extreme environments, and temperatures of between -40 degrees and 80 degrees Celsius.

The Sonim XP7

If a device holds the Guinness World Record for the highest mobile phone drop (from a height of no less than 25 metres!), you know this is a device that’s almost indestructible. The Sonim XP7 is touted as the most rugged smartphone on the market, and is shock and water-resistant, as well as resistant to cleaning solvents and petroleum oils. The touch screen can be operated while wearing gloves, and the device can withstand temperatures as cold as -20 degrees Celsius and as hot as 55 degrees Celsius. It is resistant to vibrations, snow and salt water. Sitting just as comfortably in the factory as it does next to the braai fire, this is your go-to device if you just aren’t able to keep your phone from accidentally breaking.

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