Check out these great data deals for the home from Vodacom

Staying connected at home is becoming more and more important to the public in general, as the internet continues to become an inseparable part of daily life, both for business and personal use.

Vodacom provides great deals on data deals specifically for the home, and Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless is the latest way in which the mobile service provider offers stable, lightning-fast connections for the home.

What is Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless?

Making use of an LTE (4G) connection that provides average speeds of 15 Mbps to multiple devices, Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless is the perfect internet solution for small businesses and home users alike.

With Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless, there is an additional option to add a voice over IP (VoIP) line to your package at a once-off activation fee of R36.84. This service, called This IP Talk, allows users to make phone calls over your Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless internet connection, without interrupting the connection or affecting usage. Users purchase an ICASA-approved analogue phone, which is then directly connected to the router (the service allows a maximum of two 087-numbers) enabling the user to make calls, without eating into your monthly-allocated internet data cap.

How to get it

To enquire about Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless for your home or business, contact Smartcom for the latest info about available packages. Regardless of the package you choose on Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless, you will receive a WiFi router, dongle and SIM card which can be easily set up without the assistance of a technician. Choose between a 12 or 24-month contract, and get the peace of mind that comes with a stable internet connection today.

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