Bad WiFi signal at home? Here’s how to improve it.

ADSL and fibre connections in the home have opened an array of internet options for the people that inhabit them, and WiFi (short for Wireless Fidelity) has enabled us to connect to the internet with any devices that have WiFi capabilities. Still, many people find that the strength of their WiFi signal is either lacking or is not consistent, leading to great frustration.

Before you go out and buy a WiFi range extender, give these tips a try – you may just be able to improve the strength of your WiFi signal by just making a few small adjustments.

Choose a perfect location for your router

When deciding where in the home to place your router, go for the room where you use the internet the most often. Decide where this will be before having the technician install the plugs and the router.

Security is key

When your WiFi network is entirely secure, people who attempt to take advantage of your connection will not be able to find or connect to it. Secure your network by immediately changing the default username and password on your router, and by hiding your SSID.

Plug devices directly into the router

Plug devices that take up a large amount of bandwidth directly into the router to take advantage of the entire range of bandwidth that you have available. This can be done with all devices that are used for online gaming and video streaming, as well as with smart devices like smart TVs.

Location, location, location

Do not install routers underneath surfaces like tables or in cupboards, or near other devices that also operate on the same radio frequency as the WiFi router, for example microwaves, cordless phones or baby monitors. Installing a router near a glass window might also affect the signal strength, and other appliances like fridges may also have an influence. If you live in a house with particularly thick walls, this might also affect signal strength.

Make a DIY WiFi range extender

If you fancy yourself a DIY buff, you can try to create a WiFi range extender by simply using some tinfoil, an old cooking strainer or an empty beer can. We kid you not.

Remember, the amount of users and devices that are connected to the WiFi (this is called the contention ratio) inevitably has an influence on the strength of the connection. If your household is big, you may have to opt for a faster connection with greater bandwidth capabilities.

If you’ve tried everything and the connection is still slow, you may have to invest in a WiFi range extender or wireless repeater, or perhaps switch over to a fibre connection.

Fibre is the fastest option out there when it comes to the internet, and Smartcom offers a range of fibre options for the home. Contact us to find out about fibre for the home today.

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