5 tech podcasts that will keep you in the loop

Podcasts are, without a doubt, the easiest way to consume information while multitasking. If you haven’t yet, you really need to dive into the ocean of podcasts that is available out there. There is no need to give your podcast your undivided attention, so you can easily listen to it while doing something else, like making your morning commute to work, or running the treadmill.

How to listen to podcasts

If you use an iPhone, you’ll find most podcasts listed on the built-in Podcasts app, but there are also other podcast apps that you can use. In the Podcast app, finding a podcast is as simple as searching it, and streaming or downloading an episode.

If you are an Android user, there are a number of apps that you could use to listen to podcasts, including Podcast Addict, Castbox or Google Play Music.

If you’re into technology, the future and gadgets – we’ll go right ahead and assume you are, considering you’re reading this – you’ll love these 5 tech podcasts.

1. This Week in Tech

One of the longest-running technology podcasts out there, This Week in Tech features a round-table discussion about the latest tech trends, releases and issues.

2. Too Embarrassed to Ask

Unless you’re a die-hard techie, you probably have some questions about developments in the world of technology. Every episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask centres on a specific question (“Will robots take our jobs?” for instance), which is then discussed in a frank way that anyone can understand.

3. TechStuff

An offshoot of the ever-popular HowStuffWorks, TechStuff doesn’t just discuss how technology works, but delves a bit deeper to explore the people behind the technology, and the way in which tech affects our lives and society in general.

4. Note to Self

This podcast is a little different from the rest in the sense that it focuses on real, human stories that are related to tech in one way or another. If you’d like to learn just how connected the world of tech is to the actual world, you’ll love Note to Self.

5. TechCentral

This proudly South African podcast takes a more local look at tech. Expect interviews with local leaders in the South African ICT industry. TechCentral releases new episodes every four days, and listeners are invited to interact and give their comments and opinions.

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