A day in the life of a telesales consultant

When you think of a business ambassador – someone who spends their entire day marketing the organisation they are employed by, trying to get additional clients and retaining current clients – you probably don’t picture a telesales consultant. But you really should.

Despite research showing that they have one of the most demanding jobs, these important cogs in the machinery of any business often don’t get the recognition they deserve from the public at large.

Telesales consultants are tasked with maintaining the company’s image to current and potential clients, and they regularly deal with numerous client queries that don’t relate to sales, while they also need to stay up to date with the changing service offerings of their industry. These are multi-taskers par excellence, and employees that often go on to hold high corporate management positions.

Smartcom’s telesales consultants are responsible for communication with clients about everything pertaining to our mobile and internet offerings. This includes:

• Vodacom upgrades
• New contract applications
• Insuring your Vodacom devices

If you’ve ever had to phone our contact centre, you’ll know that these Smartcom ambassadors are highly trained professionals who care about all our clients and their specific needs.

Rest assured that Smartcom doesn’t do any cold calling, so if we do give you a call, it will be about something beneficial, relating to your Smartcom or Vodacom contract.

A Smartcom consultant will give you a call when you’re due for an upgrade, taking the hassle and paperwork out of this otherwise tedious process. When you speak to a Smartcom consultant about anything that needs to be delivered, you also need not pay a delivery fee.

The next time a telesales consultant gives you a call to speak about an offer that might benefit you, how about giving them the benefit of the doubt and a minute of your time, instead of an earful? Remember, these people are the first contact you’ll have with many organisations, and the knowledge that they have of the products and services that a business can offer you is often the most comprehensive information you’ll get. We look forward to talking to you!

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