Hollywood robots: predictors of the future?

Before Sophia the robot became a household name, Hollywood introduced us to a variety of robots through the world of cinema. These robots have become movie stars and icons in their own right. How many do you recognise?

HAL 9000 (1968)

Short for Heuristically programmed Algorithmic Computer, HAL 9000 famously killed most of the crew in “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Not to be messed with.


R2-D2 (1977)

Does this one really need an introduction? This whistling, chirping second-generation Robotic Droid Series-2 was made famous in the “Stars Wars” films.


C-3PO (1977)

Not many robots can boast the ability to have mastered over 6 million forms of communication. C-3PO is the picture of loyalty in the “Star Wars” franchise.


Robot (1965)

Robot is a Class M-3 Model B9 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot that can interact with humans, show emotions and even play the electric guitar. Robot became famous in “Lost in Space”.


T-800 Terminator (1984)

Always promising that he’ll be back, the Terminator is one of the most robust robots on this list. Terminator can withstand shotgun blasts and barge through walls for 120 years at a time, due to advanced power cells.


Lt. Commander Data (1987)

Lt. Commander Data is the smartest and strongest member of the USS Enterprise crew – which is exactly what you’d expect from the second officer. If you’re a “Star Trek” buff, you’ll be well acquainted with him.


Marvin the Paranoid Android (2005)

Marvin is a chronically depressed robot that needs just talk to other computers to make them die – through suicide. In “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” you’d avoid Marvin if you knew what was good for you.


Wall-E and Eve (2008)

Wall-E is short for Waste Allocator Load Lifter – Earth Class, and he’s probably the most likable robot of all time. Especially considering Wall-E and his girlfriend Eve take it upon themselves to save mankind.


Robby the Robot (1965)

No robot can lay claim to having been in as many Hollywood films as Robby the Robot. First seen in “The Forbidden Planet”, Robby went on to also star in “The Twilight Zone”, “Addams Family”, “Lost in Space”, “Wonder Woman”, “Love Boat” and “Gremlins”. The Robot Hall of Fame describes Robby as “a gentleman’s gentleman, part Shakespearean clown, and part pot-bellied stove”.


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