Turn yourself into an emoji with Bitmoji

Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres have long been bragging about having their own line of emojis that looks just like them. If you’d also like your own personalised set of emojis, then there is an app you could try. It is called Bitmoji.

The app offers everyone the opportunity to turn themselves into little emojis that you can send to friends and family.

According to Apple, Bitmoji was the most popular iOS app in 2017 – clearly proving that people prefer sharing emojis of themselves over traditional clipart, like those that come with most messaging apps such as Snapchat.

Although this app has been around for years, people seem to like the improvements of the past year and the popularity seems to grow continually.

You can create your own avatar, after which you have a wide choice of clothes and stickers to help express your experience. You can change the look of your hair, your facial hair, eye colour, and everything down to the size of your eyebrows.

After creating your own emoji, you can use it on almost any messaging platform, including emails. You can also copy the emojis and paste them wherever you need them. With a single tap you can change the clothes your emoji is wearing, before sending it off.

Before you can use your Bitmoji, you need to install a new keyboard on your messaging apps, but the Bitmoji app does provide you with instructions on how to do so, and it is pretty straightforward.

The app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android, so let the fun begin!

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