You may have read or heard that the streaming music service officially launched in South Africa on 13 March. Perhaps you’re already using Deezer, Apple Music or Google Play Music, and are familiar with the benefits of using a streaming service. If not, here is a quick breakdown of why you should look into using a music streaming service.

What are on-demand streaming music services?

Music streaming services like Spotify are basically databases of millions of audio tracks (Spotify has a collection of roughly 35 million songs from all over the world in its archive) that users can subscribe to and listen to on demand, or listen for free and with certain restrictions.

Music can be streamed on a mobile device or on a computer, provided that the device is connected to the internet. Because it is a streaming service, it will use data to stream music to your device, but streaming services have taken measures to compress audio and use less data when streaming.

Despite initial concerns from artists, streaming music is increasingly becoming the primary source of music consumption worldwide, with Spotify having over 159 million active users globally, and similar services having millions as well. Increased global internet access is constantly pushing this number higher, and ensuring that artist receive the royalties they are entitled to.

The popularity of streaming services has also risen due to a higher interest in music discovery. Radio playlists are set, but users have access to a vastly greater number of music options when using a streaming service. Opting for paid subscription to streaming services means that users also have access to music on demand and offline streaming at an affordable price. Curated playlists give users access to the music they enjoy, but they can discover new music from an ever-increasing collection of music at the same time.

Paid subscription vs. free access to music streaming services

Spotify has announced that it will be charging a monthly subscription fee of R59.99 to users who choose to use its premium service. This compares quite similarly to other streaming services: Deezer Premium’s monthly subscription fee is R59.99, Google Play Music, Apple Music an Joox all charge R59.99, and Simfy has a subscription fee of R60.00 (prices may vary based on conversion rates).

When you choose the premium subscription service on Spotify, you will have unlimited shuffling and skipping, with advertisement-free streaming and access to all tracks in high-quality audio. You can also listen to music offline. If you decide to use the free service, streaming might be interrupted with ads once every often, you will only be able to skip a certain number of times within a certain time limit, and also miss out on higher-quality audio streaming.

Sound appealing? If you’d like to try out Spotify’s premium service with no obligations, you can sign up for a 30-day trial, or just go for the free tier to check it out first.

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