Want to buy shares in a tech company? Here is a price comparison.

This March, it’s been 32 years since Microsoft, the tech company founded by Bill Gates, went public at $21 per share. If you want to purchase one share from the tech giant today, you will have to fork out $95 per share! Just the day before, another tech company, Oracle, started trading at $19.25.

Thirty years ago, it was probably hard to envision that the world’s stock exchange would be dominated by tech companies. Today, however, there are countless options when it comes to investing in technology companies. From ambitious startups to established veterans!

Before investing your hard-earned cash in any venture, it is important to do thorough research and even speak to professionals. If you are curious about how much a piece of the tech pie will set you back, then you might find our little comparison helpful.

Remember that share prices change by the minute, and by the time you are reading this, these prices have most certainly changed. This comparison is just an interesting and fun experiment to compare the relative value of shares in various popular tech companies at a specific time.

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