These are the benefits of using a mobile data device

When getting your first smartphone, the convenience of having the internet at your fingertips wherever you are probably ranked among the biggest benefits of this upgrade in mobile technology. However, the high cost of mobile data can easily taint this colourful picture of convenience, especially as multimedia content becomes more popular every day.

Having a fibre internet connection at home might provide some relief in this regard, but for many South Africans this option is also unattainable due to its cost.

Cash-strapped South Africans also travel along the electronic highway, and an internet connection has become a requirement to be a contributing, informed and responsible resident of the global village.

Thankfully, advances in communications technology are constantly driving prices down, with the UN Human Rights Council even passing a non-binding resolution declaring internet access a basic human right in 2016. One of the latest advances has been the implementation of LTE-A in South Africa. Here is how a portable LTE-A-enabled router can be used instead of spending your precious bucks on expensive mobile data and costly fibre.

How it works

When using a LTE-A connection, the connection is entirely mobile, unlike a fixed fibre line, which means that you can take a LTE-A router wherever you go. The added advantage of not needing a technician to do the installation (which also means there’s no installation fee) makes this plug and play-based connection exceptionally convenient.

A further benefit of opting for an LTE-A connection as your primary internet connection is that it requires no vetting should you opt for a month-to-month contract scenario.

When you have an LTE-A connection, you can count on a super-fast connection (with speeds of between 20Mbps and 50Mbps) wherever you are in an area with LTE-A coverage.

This means that you always have a connection for streaming services like Netflix or Showmax, or streaming video content on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Having constant access to social media means you are always connected to your friends and family, and your boss will be pleased to know that a stable connection to check your emails is always at hand.

As far as business goes, LTE-A is a great primary internet connection for small business owners who increasingly rely on the internet to do business. VoIP calling ensures that small business owners are always able to connect with clients, customers and partners, whilst the man on the street always has a way to connect to loved ones without using precious voice calling minutes.

The cherry on the cake is that LTE-A is very competitively priced, when compared to fibre and mobile data. For more information on how LTE-A can benefit you, or about Smartcom’s special offering, please contact Smartcom today.

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