This is how your business can benefit from using SmartView

If your business has been struggling with exceptionally high cellphone bills that you can’t explain, SmartView from Smartcom is the best way to get some clarity on the matter.

SmartView is a web-based reporting system that helps you to monitor and manage your business’ monthly cellular usage. This includes near real-time reporting regarding cell and data usage, and notifications when usage exceeds a set monthly limit.

Here is a quick analysis of the service and how your business can benefit from using it.

Features of SmartView

Designed for use on desktop computers and tablets, SmartView’s Report Dashboard can be customised according to your requirements to provide a detailed usage report with itemised billing for specific cellphone numbers or users.

SIM management helps you to record and manage user and device details. Usage reporting gives you access to near real-time itemised billing that can be sorted through, searched and exported to Excel. Usage alerts will notify you once a SIM has reached its pre-defined usage limit, and the Rights Management feature lets you control what users are able to see on SmartView.

Adding new users to the system is simple, and this can be done either by adding individual users, or adding users in bulk. Managing the employees that use the service has been made easy, as you are able to allocate employees into groups and subgroups according to their department, region, or other categories.

How can your business use SmartView?

SmartView can be an invaluable tool for all businesses that provide employees with cellular lines (data and/or voice). Monitoring usage doesn’t just give you access to valuable information about the length and breadth of communication going on in your business, but it also gives you the power to proactively monitor and manage usage according to your business’ specific cellular needs and prevent billshock.

SmartView allows you to set up email-based notifications to let the company administrator, IT, and users/employees know when any allocated SIM cards are nearing their usage limit. Itemised billing reports according to the needs of specific departments can be generated for easier assessment and analysis. Identifying specific usage abnormalities has never been easier.

SmartView has a basic cost structure that includes a monthly admin fee of R49.00 and a monthly service fee of R12.50 per SIM card.
For more information, or if you are interested in signing your business up for this service, please contact Smartcom, or dial 0861 66 77 46 to speak to a SmartView Account Manager .

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