In a recent interview with MyBroadband, Africa Analaysis Managing Director Dobek Pater predicted that the expansion of LTE-A coverage in the country was likely to lead to a primarily data-based paid telecommunications offering in the future. This comes as LTE-A gains traction among South Africans due its competitive cost, compared to other data offerings.

LTE-A is the latest step in the evolution of mobile data in South Africa, and it is the versatility and mobility of LTE-A, along with its highly competitive pricing, that has users excited.

VoIP calling is enabled with an LTE-A connection, and it is this characteristic that probably gave rise to Dobek Pater’s comment about voice calling becoming integrated into the paid data offering, as opposed to being a separate charge for users. Pater said that this integration might very well happen within the next five years, with users not paying for voice calling, but this feature rather being included in the costs for data.

What is VoIP calling?

Short for Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP utilises the internet as the vehicle for transmitting data using an Internet Protocol, rather than an analogue telephone line. This enables users to have a telephone connection over the internet.

To use VoIP calling, you’ll need a computer, an internet connection, VoIP software and a VoIP telephone or microphone and telephone adapter. VoIP calling allows users to speak to people all over the world without paying long-distance telephone charges.

VoIP calling can be a valuable tool for businesses. Companies can save significant amounts on telephone bills by opting for VoIP rather than analogue telephone lines in the office. A cheaper internet product like LTE-A allows business owners to do VoIP calls on the go, as it is not a fixed internet connection like fibre or ADSL. Gone are the days where you had to change your landline number every time you move.

Users can also choose from a host of mobile apps to make voice calls, including WhatsApp, Viber and Skype.

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