the same resources due to budget restrictions. Too often, small business owners do not realise the benefits that simple tools can have on their productivity, communication and growth.

Luckily, we live in an era where mobile apps have opened up possibilities for small businesses that would have been previously inaccessible due to budget constraints. Here are 10 apps that can help your small business grow.

1. Skype

Skype is a video and text-based communication app that will allow businesses to communicate easily both internally, and with potential and current customers. The free version of Skype allows up to 25 people to participate in a conference call, and users can also send photos, videos and files of any size. You can also send voice and text messages, and share your screen. Skype is traditionally associated with personal communication between users across the globe, but this app can be invaluable to businesses. Get it on iOS or Android.

2. Asana

Asana makes communicating with employees easier than ever before. This app allows you to view projects and tasks on the Asana board, and track progress on these as it happens. Share files and notes and take advantage of the app’s integration with Dropbox and Google Drive to share important images, files and documents. The basic version of Asana allows access for up to 15 team members, and you can use it on Android and iOS operating systems.

3. Trello

Trello is another useful project-management app that allows you to track the workflow of team members. Add deadlines, comments, team members, checklists and labels and stickers on the fly. Trello notifies all team members of any changes made to cards via email, ensuring that you and your team are always on the same page. Download it on iOS or Android.

4. Dropbox

200,000 businesses already use Dropbox for storing and sharing files in the cloud. Dropbox is especially useful if your team doesn’t share an office, but it’s a great way to securely store information, files and documents even if you do. Download it for Android and iOS.

5. Hours Time Tracking

Time management can make or break a small business. Having fewer employees means that workloads and tasks are very specific and need to be completed as quickly as possible. With that being said, time is often wasted on menial internet browsing or other time-wasting behaviours. Hours Time Tracking lets you track the ways in which you and your employees spend your time. Reminders make sure that important tasks aren’t forgotten, and timers on various tasks allow you to keep track of all the things that make up a workday. The app is available on iOS.

6. Timely

Timely is another app that tracks your time and allows you to schedule projects and tasks in advance, and keep track of them while they are being completed. The app can also help employees to log the hours they spend on certain tasks for future reference. Get it for iOS and Android.

7. Mailchimp

Mailchimp doesn’t just let you create and send newsletters, it also helps small business owners build and manage mailing lists and customise email templates. Mailchimp also gives you access to performance reports to gain valuable insight into which emails resonate with your audience the most. Download it for iOS and Android.

8. Quickbooks

The Quickbooks app is accounting software, simplified. Quickbooks connects you to your business account and lets you view financial statements, profit and loss reports, track the sales and expenses of your business, and create invoices. It is available on Android and iOS.

9. Scanbot

Business owners and employees do not always have access to a scanner or printer. Scanbot uses your phone camera to easily and clearly scan documents and edit them before uploading them to the cloud. The app also scans QR codes with ease. You can download it on iOS and Android.

10. DocuSign

Rushing to find a scanner and printer when documents need to be signed urgently can be a time-wasting activity when all you really want to focus on is the growth of your business. DocuSign allows you to sign documents and collect signatures quickly and without hassle. Get it on Android and iOS.

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