After causing controversy in 2017 when announcing that a software update slowed down the operation of some of their older model iPhones, Apple has announced that it is releasing another software update to offset this issue.

The update in question was released in 2016, and makes iPhones operate more slowly to counteract problems with aging lithium-ion batteries.

Conspiracy theories and controversy

According to representatives, the feature would only kick in when temperatures were extremely low, or in cases where the battery was exceptionally old or the battery charge was very low.

Although Apple explained that the software would slow down the phone to prevent it from shutting down automatically when the battery couldn’t handle the demand, speculation that Apple was trying to force its users to buy new phones, was rife.

Apple has now announced that its latest software update would give people the option of turning off the built-in battery throttling tools. This comes after Apple also recently announced that it would offer cheaper and easier battery replacement options.

The new feature also lets users check their battery health and see whether the battery needs servicing. The new features will be available in iOS 11.3 in a beta release of the software. You will be able to find the new feature in the Settings app, under “Battery”.

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