This app takes the hassle out of school payments

It only truly feels like a new year when the kids go back to school. All your colleagues are back at work, the malls aren’t as swamped as in December and traffic congestion returns to normal. If you have kids, a new school year also means that you will be faced with small beginning-of-the-year payments (aside from school and book fees) that need to be settled – usually with cash in a little envelope.

If you have ever had to rummage through the entire house to get together R20 to pay for a school trip, you’ll love Karri. This app was developed with Nedbank, and allows parents to make quick payments for school events directly through the app and without having to send cash to school with the kids.

“Built for parents and teachers alike”, Karri also makes receiving payments easier for teachers and makes them simple for a school’s administrative staff to process, with some calling it “the Uber of school payments”. The aim of the app is to eliminate cash transactions within the school environment and to help teachers focus on what is important – teaching – rather than spend time collecting cash from students.

Karri’s developers believe that using the app will be beneficial to schools by
– reducing event admin hassle,
– reducing theft risk,
– saving teaching time, and
– using one class list to track payments

How to get it

The app can be downloaded onto Apple and Android devices, but you’ll have to consult with your children’s school in order to have the system implemented at the school.

No word yet on whether Karri can be used to process payments at the tuck shop, though!


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