These days we can use our mobile phones to do almost anything. Keeping in touch with loved ones is still their primary purpose, but the ways in which our phones can be used to improve our lives have increased, and are increasing, every day.

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably already using your mobile phone to communicate with clients, customers and suppliers, and to market your business via social media. However, you might not have known about apps that make receiving payments from clients and customers quicker and easier than you’d expect.

Having a system available that lets customers pay with their card no matter where they are is indispensable, as many people don’t always carry cash. There are a few options available if you’d like to take this route for payments, and it’s as easy as downloading one of these apps and signing up to receive a mobile point of sale (mPOS).

1. Ikhoka

Ikhokha is a Zulu word that means “to pay”, and the Ikhokha app’s name is quite apt. Business owners need simply sign up on the Ikhokha website, download the Ikhokha app on their mobile device, and start accepting payments as soon as they have been registered as a merchant and have received the Ikhokha card machine. The Ikhokha card machine can connect to the merchant’s smartphone by Bluetooth or by plugging it into the phone’s audio jack. Customers and clients can pay by card by inserting or tapping their cards into and on the card machine, or can use MasterCard’s MasterPass to pay using their mobile phones.

2. Yoco

The Yoco Point of Sale was developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It also uses a mobile card machine combined with a mobile app. The Yoco app is compatible with most smartphones and tablets. It lets business owners organise their products and services to make payments smooth and effortless, and allows business owners to keep track of sales. The Point of Sale software is free, and can be used for any type of business.

3. Sureswipe

Sureswipe provides users with a stand-alone mobile device that is compatible with any smart device. It uses the Sureswipe Move app to integrate a mobile device with the mobile point of sale. The Sureswipe mobile device is also compatible with any existing POS systems.

4. ZipZap

When receiving merchant approval from ZipZap merchant online, business owners will receive a ZipZap card reader, which is a mobile card reader. Business owners then connect a smartphone, tablet or computer to the device, and are ready to start transacting.

5. WAPPoint Payment Pebble

The WAPPoint Payment Pebble, powered by ABSA, is perfect for businesses on the move. The Payment Pebble enables a smartphone to become a card acceptance device wherever transactions happen. The Payment Pebble plugs into the audio jack of a mobile device and uses the Payment Pebble app, which is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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