Consider LTE-A while waiting for fibre

LTE-A is making waves in the telecoms industry, but you might not be sure what exactly makes this new mobile service different from other services currently on offer. Here is a breakdown

What is it?

LTE-A (short for Long Term Evolution Advanced) is the latest in the evolution of LTE networks. It promises higher data speeds, faster performance and greater stability. If LTE is the current standard for high-speed wireless communication, then LTE-A is the standard of the very near future.

LTE-A works by combining new and current technologies by employing Carrier Aggregation (CA) to enable faster speeds, as it enables you to download data from multiple sources simultaneously. Unlike other services, you don’t just connect to the best service in your vicinity, but rather combine multiple signals and even different frequencies. Some say that the speed of LTE-A is up to three times faster than LTE.

The benefits of LTE-A

Aside from the mind-boggling speeds (20 to 50 Mbps, depending on the coverage) that LTE-A offers to users, there are numerous benefits to choosing LTE-A over fibre for your home or business internet connection.

  1. The connection is mobile and you can take it wherever you go, as opposed to a fibre line, which is fixed.
  2. In terms of installation:
    – No technician is required is required to do the installation, as the system works by simply plugging and playing.
    – Should you opt for a tariff of 50GB and more, installation is free, whereas costs for the installation of fibre are upwards from R1 500.
  3. The turnaround time for LTE-A is set at 24 working hours. Depending on the availability of fibre, the waiting time could be longer than that.
  4. Unlike fibre, no vetting is required for the month-to-month product option.
  5. Users have a choice of either a month-to-month or contract option.
  6. VoIP calling is available with LTE-A .

Should you like to enquire about LTE-A product offerings, don’t hesitate to contact Smartcom for our latest deals on this revolutionary product.




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