Here are the global stats on mobile usage in children

What is the right age for a child to get a mobile phone? Does your child have a cellphone? A few recent studies have shed light on the average percentage of child mobile users worldwide.

While developed countries see a higher percentage of child users of mobile phones, this number drops for developing countries. Have a look below.


In Europe, 46% of children aged 9 to 16 have their own smartphone, and 33% just have a standard mobile phone, which puts the total percentage of children who have a cellphone at almost 80%, according to a study in the journal New Media & Society in 2015. Some years have passed since the study was done in 2014, so the numbers today are likely to be higher.

In Germany, 51% of children from age 6 to 13 report having their own mobile phone, according to a 2016 report by the Media Education Research Association Southwest.

45% of children in the US aged 10 to 12 have a cellular contract, according to a Nielsen report released this February.


According to a study published in the Journal of International Development in 2015, 18.8% of boys and 12.9% of girls in Ghana, aged 9 to 18, own a cellphone.

According to a report published by UNICEF in 2013, 81% of high school students in South Africa own or have access to a mobile phone.


In South Korea, 72% of children aged 11 to 12 have smartphones, according to a study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.
According to a study published in the Journal of the Formosan Medical Association in 2015, 45% of 11-year-old Taiwanese children, and 71% of 15-year-olds had a smartphone.


A study published in the journal Environmental Health in June 2017 showed that 43% of fourth-year primary school children in Australia owned or used a cellphone.

Should you decide that the time is right for your child to get their first mobile phone, it is important to have a frank conversation about the dangers that mobile phone usage holds for children if they do not use the phone responsibly.

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