There’s no doubt that a break over December comes at exactly the right time. But how often has the boredom bug caught you not long into the holiday?

These 10 apps will help to get rid of boredom, and many will help you to learn something new while you’re at it.

1. Imgur (free on iOS and Android)

This app curates viral web content as it becomes viral. The images are entertaining, poignant, and quite often Not Safe For Work (which is fine, because you’re not at work, are you?).

2. NYTimes Crossword (free for iOS and Android)

This is one of the best crossword puzzles in the world, and also a great way to keep idle hands busy and exercise your brain while you’re at it.

3. Bubble Wrap (free on iOS and Android)

Who doesn’t love doing this? The bubble wrap around a gift is sometimes the best thing about the gift, and this app version is (almost) just as good.

4. Clean my screen (free on iOS)

Fine, so this app isn’t necessarily the very best way to spend your time, but being bored isn’t the best way either. Watch a dog or cat lick your screen clean from the inside.

5. Dumb Ways To Die 2 (free for Android and iOS)

The second offering in this addictive game, Dumb Ways To Die 2 will have you rescue strange-looking little creatures from untimely and pretty unusual deaths.

6. TED (free for iOS and Android)

We’ve mentioned the TED app multiple times, why haven’t you downloaded it yet?! Watch talks by the best speakers around the world about a range of interesting topics. You’ll be amazed every time.

7. Lightbot: Code Hour (free on Android and iOS)

This app promises to teach you the basics of coding in under an hour. Who knows – this might just lay the foundation for a 2018 full of coding!

8. Wattpad (free for Android and iOS)

Do you love reading? This app has a myriad of short stories by professional and aspiring authors. You can comment and interact with the authors, or even upload your own stories. This is sure to keep you busy for quite a while.

9. Trivia Crack (free on iOS and Android)

Similar to Trivial Pursuit, more than 100 000 questions from six different categories are yours to answer. You can play against others live, or challenge your friends. The information you learn here will keep your next family gathering from getting boring, too.

10. What If.. (free on Android and iOS)

This is the perfect icebreaker for an event that seems set to be boring. Answer a seemingly normal question (“What if you could extend your life by 20 years?”) that is paired with an infuriating catch (“But you step on a Lego once a day when you least expect it.”). Answer with a “yes” or “no” and compare your answer to that of other players.


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