If, somehow, you’ve never heard of Jeff Bezos here is a summary of the tech giant:

Bezos was partly responsible or involved in the founding and growth of multiple tech companies including Airbnb, Uber, Blue Origin, Aviary and even Google. His biggest claim to fame is the founding of ecommerce business Amazon.com. Bezos is constantly giving fellow tech legend, Bill Gates, a run for the title of richest person in the world.

During the madness of this year’s Black Friday, Amazon’s shares skyrocketed again. This has increased Bezos’ net worth to over $100 billion!

We will give you a moment to let that sink in.

This is the amount of money owned by one person.

This doesn’t surprise most analysts, as it is estimated that Amazon was responsible for at least half of all the online sales that took place on Black Friday.

How will Mr. Bezos be spending his fortune? We know that he spent $250 million dollars to purchase the American newspaper The Washington Post in 2013.

This time around, however, the Amazon founder is looking for suggestions on how you can spend some cash on philanthropic efforts. He turned to Twitter to ask his followers for suggestions on how he can help to improve the lives of others. According to his tweet, he is very interested in finding ways that will offer immediate relief.

He has since tweeted that the responses are helping him to plan a way forward:

Bezos is no stranger to philanthropy. Over the years he has funded numerous projects, especially through his educational charity, the Bezos Family Foundation. In July 2012, Bezos and his wife also personally donated $2.5 million to support a same-sex marriage referendum in Washington.

Now, what is stopping you from sending your ideas to this incredible philanthropist?

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