6 smart telecoms services your business needs

Have you ever considered what it must have been like to run a business in the 1800s? What would have been the equivalent of your business in the times before technology? Smartcom would probably have been a supplier of paper or feather quills, as those were the predominant form of long distance communication at the time.

From pigeons carrying notes to the modern call centre, communication has always been an integral part of running a business.

Today’s developments in tech can help your business better communicate with customers, improve productivity, cut costs, improve supplier relations, reach new audiences, and so much more.

To optimise the benefits your business reaps from its communication assets, we’ve compiled a list of services that aims to do exactly that:

1. Vodacom’s One Net Express

Vodacom’s One Net Express is ideal for small and medium businesses that have employees who are not office-bound. In its most basic form, this service can be defined as a virtual switchboard. Some of the benefits include a virtual receptionist that will direct calls to the right person, a landline number for your business without having a fixed landline, and the fact that people within your business can call each other at no additional cost.

2. Dedicated account managers

Your business should be connected 24/7, without any interruptions. A dedicated account manager can assist your business with all your contract, data and upgrade needs. They will also analyse your monthly spending to ensure that have the most cost-effective communication solution.

3. Smartsim

Data roaming is an enormous expense for business owners who need to travel abroad. Smartsim is a data roaming SIM card that works on a prepaid basis, thus, avoiding unexpected roaming charges. The SIM card works in over 110 countries and data can be bought at a fraction of the normal roaming rates. The SIM card is completely free, with the option of purchasing a WiFi router pre-set for use in all 110 countries.

4. SmartView

SmartView is a must-have for businesses that want more control over the cellphone bills. SmartView is a web-based system that provides near-real-time reporting on call and data usage. It also gives businesses the ability to be notified when usage exceeds the limits you have specified.

5. Device Insurance

Insurance often feels like an additional expense that simply chews on your bottom-line. The alternative, however, is much costlier. To ensure that you don’t have to spend thousands on replacing expensive phones and tablets, and to avoid ever being offline, you need to ensure that all your business devices are insured. It is, after all, an item of higher risk than any other items we insure without thinking twice.

6. Fibre or Wireless broadband

Fibre is one of the biggest tech buzzwords of the past two years. And for good reason! Fibre cables are much more resistant than traditional internet solutions, making them a lot more reliable. It will also provide your business with significantly faster internet speeds.

If your business requires a mobile solution, then Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless Lite is a fast and reliable mobile internet option. This product offers LTE at an incredible speed.

If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned services, contact us to speak to one of our expert business consultants.

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