Animoji karaoke has social media users singing

Apple iPhone X users have taken to social media to share a new trend that features Animoji, a premium feature of the recently launched device. Animoji had users excited at the launch of the Apple iPhone X, and mimics the facial expressions and voices of users to make animated emojis using the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera system – the same system that is used for the phone’s facial recognition system.

Apple iPhone X users have started using the cellphone’s screen recording feature to capture them lip-synching songs, while Animojis imitate their performances. These videos are taking social media by storm.


How to do it

If you’re looking for a bit of fun, and will be one of the lucky owners of an Apple iPhone X soon, here’s how:

Play a song loud enough for the Apple iPhone X’s microphone to pick it up, and lip-synch with it. After messaging the Animoji, you can tap on the iOS share sheet and save it as a video. For a full song, use the screen recording feature, or stitch together multiple clips using iMovie on the phone.

Some users have even gone a bit further by using post-production effects and editing the clips, making full music videos, with the stars being anything from foxes, to unicorns, to piles of poop.

It certainly is one of the more gimmicky features of Apple’s latest release, but it is very entertaining, so why not?

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