There are millions of apps out there. Some, like messaging or social media apps, feel like an extra limb, while others lose their charm after a single use. However, very few have the potential to really make a difference. The Link App which is powered by Vodacom, aims to do exactly that.

Solving local problems. Changing people’s lives!

Link allows South Africans to form an active part of their communities. It is basically like a social platform, but instead of sharing photos of cats, people are sharing safety and service delivery updates.

Reporting service delivery issues

The Link app gives people with a direct link to their municipalities and ward councillors. It is simple to report issues like blocked drains, burst pipes, electricity outages, missing manhole covers, refuse issues, and faulty street signs to your local government officials. The app’s location services make it easy to show municipalities exactly where the problem is.

Keeping your community safe

You can follow resident’s associations, safety/community forums and similar groups of your community on the app. Most of these associations and forums share regular updates on security news and other community-related issues.

Personal safety

The app has an SOS button that you can use in case of emergency. You can also ask your friends to keep an eye on you with the Track-me-home feature.

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