Samsung’s S Health app is your perfect fitness companion

Originally launched in 2014, Samsung’s S Health fitness app is an all-inclusive companion to its range of wearables, including the recently launched S3 Frontier smartwatch.

Fitness apps are a dime a dozen, as our cellphones become ever more integrated into our daily lives, but the S Health app’s clean design and comprehensive tracking options, together with the fact that it’s already pre-installed on new Samsung mobile devices, makes it worth checking out.

Here is a breakdown of some of the S Health app’s functionalities you might not have known about.


The S Health app gives you the option to track your daily nutritional intake. Providing a detailed nutritional analysis of the food you eat, makes it easier to stick with eating plans and weight goals. It also tracks things like your water and caffeine intake, advising you on these.

Sleep tracking

A proper sleep schedule is something most of us lack. The S Health app tracks nightly sleeping patterns, and advises you when you’re not getting optimal rest. It even reminds you that it’s time to get to bed. Never mind the beauty sleep, we all know that productivity suffers when you don’t get enough rest, so this feature is extremely useful, even if you’re not particularly concerned with overall fitness.

General wellness

Monitoring things like your weight, heart rate and blood glucose levels means that you keep your finger on the pulse in terms of your general health and wellbeing. Especially if you have health problems, this is a useful tool, albeit not one that should replace a regular check-up with your medical practitioner.

Activity tracking

The S Health app on your mobile device automatically senses and tracks activity as it happens. Recognising your movements, it automatically tracks when you run or walk, and gives you a summary of your daily activities, including heart rate, speed, distances and steps. If you use other third-party apps to track exercise, these activities are also logged in the S Health app, and vice versa.

Setting daily and weekly goals and milestones to motivate you on your fitness journey is easy with the S Health app, and you are even able to challenge friends and family in various activities. Add to this that the app reminds you to get moving and rewards you when you do, and it becomes an integrated part of your lifestyle – hopefully improving said lifestyle while you’re at it.

Integration with gear and wearables

Samsung’s own range of smartwatches, as well as other fitness trackers and devices can be easily synched with the S Health app, which ensures that information is accurately exchanged between them, so your information is always up to date. Synching information between fitness or diet trackers on your phone is seamless.

A busy schedule does not mean that your health automatically takes a back seat to everything else. Using apps like S Health takes the planning out of health, fitness and wellbeing, and it is worth accessing the full potential of the app. Here’s where you can download it if you have an Android or iOS device.

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