Clips: Not your average mobile video

If you have an an iPad or iPhone 5s or newer and you’re running iOS 10.3, Apple has released a new app that makes video editing easier and more fun than ever before.

It’s called Clips, and it’s Apple’s answer to Instagram’s video editor. The app helps you make videos that are polished and look like they’re professionally edited, without actually being a professional video editor.

Clips makes editing easy

With Clips, making a video is as easy as holding the record button and filming, but it’s what happens in post-production that makes this app unique.

Clips can generate live titles as you’re filming and speaking on your video, matching it with your voice-over as you speak. Various title styles are available, and these can be mixed and matched when editing your video. Should Siri mishear what you said, titles can also be edited afterwards, with the timing still on cue. Now you can add your voice to the flurry of subtitled videos that are flooding social media feeds.

Editing, muting audio and trimming your video is simple and doesn’t use the tracks or timelines you might have struggled with in iMovie. Additionally, Apple added various filters that will make your video unique, including a comic book filter.

Animated speech bubbles, banners and emojis can be dropped into your video, and customisable text and backgrounds help you to tell your story.

In terms of adding audio, Clips has a list of built-in soundtracks to match the tone of your video, and you can add your own music tracks as well. Adding video and photos from your photo library is a cinch.

When it comes to getting your video out there, you are able to share to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media sites. Clips will also suggest people to share with based on whom you share with most often and who is in the video.

Videos can be up to 60 minutes long and contain up to 300 clips, so the app isn’t made only for shorter clips. Like any editing app, you’ll need to play around with it a little to get the gist of how everything works, but overall Clips is an easy-to-use addition to the ever-growing list of Apple apps that integrate with social media. The app was downloaded a million times in the first 4 days after its release, which probably tells you the whole story.

Download it here.

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