We live in a time where the world is figuratively smaller than it has ever been before. The internet is allowing us to “visit” remote places we didn’t even know about a few decades ago.

Lugging around heavy travel guides and maps in a backpack that already feels like it has bricks in it to ease our travels in foreign countries is also a thing of the past, as we have entered the era of mobile apps.

We set out on a journey to find the 8 most indispensable travel apps for your next trip, and this is what we found. They’re all free, so you can save your bucks for your next adventure.

1. Triposo

A comprehensive guide to 50 000 destinations worldwide – including smaller towns and villages, Triposo can build an editable city walk for you. It has information on hotels, restaurants, bars, attractions and tours, and can also work offline, if you decide to head off the beaten path. Get it for iPhone and Android.

2. Google Trips

Input your location, and Google Trips will instantly give you an itinerary of things to do, and various other recommendations. If you use other Google-based services like Gmail, you can also make easy reservations through the app. Google Trips provides offline information for any downloaded locations. You can download it for iPhone and Android.

3. Foursquare

Curate your travel preferences according to your taste, and Foursquare will suggest anything from nightlife, restaurants, places of historical interest or gig venues in your vicinity. It’s free for iPhone and Android.

4. Google Maps

Even if you associate this app with your trip to work and back, it has just as much merit as an app you must have when you’re travelling. Save maps for offline use, should you need to find your way in a place with no Wi-Fi or mobile connection. Get in for iPhone and Android.

5. Duolingo

Nobody said you should be fluent in the language of the country you’re visiting, but Duolingo gives you the chance to learn some basics before you go. The app offers some basics in Spanish, French, German, Portugese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish and Swedish. Get it for iPhone or Android.

6. Google Translate

For those terms not usually featured on a language learning app, Google Translate will help you to get your message across, even if it’s a little obscure. Download languages for offline use, and never get lost in translation again. It’s free for iPhone and Android.

7. Weather Underground

Knowing what the weather is going to be like helps you to plan accordingly so you never have to unpack your whole backpack just to find a jersey. It’s a comprehensive weather app and the only one you’ll need on your travels. Download it on your iPhone or Android device.

8. Skyscanner

A journey of a thousand miles starts with booking a flight, and Skyscanner helps you to compare prices on the go and as they change. It’s always handy to have on your phone, should you impulsively decide to pack your bags and leave on a jetplane. It’s free for iPhone and Android.

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