The year is just past its halfway mark, and you might have started to notice the influence that half a year of being super-productive has had on your general productivity.

Now, it might seem counterintuitive, because your phone is probably one of the things that distract you, but you can actually utilise this piece of technology to work for you.

Fret not, weary workers – these 10 Apple apps will help you to refocus and make the last half of 2017 your most successful yet.

1. Productive

Productive is more than a simple to-do app, of which there are many around. Rather, the app helps you to form new habits and ultimately change a routine that doesn’t support optimal productivity. Assign activities to a certain time of day, as many times a week as you deem necessary, and see how you make progress in forming new, more productive habits.

2. Cheatsheet

If you tend to forget certain mundane, but often requested pieces of information, like your car’s number plate or the number of your electricity meter, you might not realise how big a bite looking these things up tends to take out of your day. Cheatsheet stores these little pieces of information, and display them in the Today widget on your Apple device for easy access.

3. White Noise+

Many people find that ambient noise helps to improve focus while they’re working, and White Noise+ utilises this is a novel way. Create your own combination of ambient sounds (choose from white noise, rain, wind, thunder, or wind chimes) to play in the background while you take on the task at hand.

4. 1Password

How often have you had to try to remember your password for a specific service for minutes on end, and then have to change it anyway? 1Password ensures that this doesn’t happen again, providing a secure place to store and gain access to all your passwords.

5. Evernote

Evernote is the perfect tool for jotting down quick ideas and inspiration as it strikes. Making lists, setting reminders or just simply making sure you don’t forget something important is easier than ever before.

6. Dropbox

Dropbox is probably the most popular app for storing important data in the cloud. It’s easy to use, and backing up important information ensures it’s never necessary to redo something because your computer broke down. Also, having the app on your phone means you always have access to important information.

7. Slack

Have you ever counted the amount of emails you send to colleagues daily? Slack makes communicating with the rest of the team a breeze. The app allows you to drive the conversation around user-defined hashtags, whilst also allowing access to cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive, should you need to send something to a co-worker.


When sending an email to an important client or to your boss, using the correct spelling and grammar is of the utmost importance. The app helps you to do exactly that, and the built-in thesaurus makes sure you don’t waste time thinking about the appropriate words to use.

9. Wunderlist

Usability is what makes this app stand out from all the other apps for making to-do lists. The interface is clean and the app links across devices so your list is always at hand when you need it. And the fact that it’s not a piece of paper that you throw in the bin by accident, helps too.

10. Sleep Cycle

It goes without saying that the amount of sleep you get has an immeasurable influence on your productivity during the day. Sleep Cycle measures the amount of rest you get every night, and then analyses the quality of your sleep using motion or audio detection. It wakes you up at an optimal time in your sleep cycle, and provides statistics to help you get better sleep and feel more rested and prepared for the day.

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