Using fibre over other ways to connect to the web holds a variety of benefits for the user. This is why you should choose a fibre connection:

  1. There is less interference on the line, as the weather and other environmental factors don’t affect fibre cables as much as traditional copper cables.
  2. No existing landline is necessary for installation.
  3. The speed of fibre is phenomenal, compared to that of more traditional connections, because of increased bandwidth potential.
  4. The price of fibre is reasonable when compared to ADSL and other internet services.

5 Ways a Fibre connections will be of benefit to you

Not convinced it makes that much of a difference? Here are 5 ways you will benefit from fibre (and there are many more):

  1. Streaming services like Netflix and Showmax were made for a reliable and fast connection like fibre. Waiting for a video to buffer is a thing of the past!
  2. Online backup services like Dropbox and iCloud require a fast connection to back up your precious memories and files.
  3. Voice and video telephony services like Skype work best with a fibre connection. 
  4. Downloading – even if it’s HD video – is lightning-fast with fibre.
  5. Making your home a smart home without paying an arm or a leg is easier with fibre. As the internet of things becomes an actual thing, you’ll need a reliable and cost-effective connection like fibre to be a part of the technological revolution.

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