Convenience and security services you didn’t know Vodacom has

In a world filled with apps, we tend to forget our network providers also have various services available to make your life easier and more secure.

Here are a few convenience and security services from Vodacom that you most probably didn’t know about.

1. Look 4 Me

This location-based service lets you find other Vodacom Prepaid and Contract customers as soon as they provide explicit consent for you to do so. Their location is sent to you via a SMS, a map, or by logging into This is a great service with many purposes, including security and to conveniently find friends when you don’t know where they are. If you are a Vodacom Contract, Top Up or Prepaid customer, this service is available to you.

2. Visual Voicemail 4 iPhone

People often question the necessity of a voice mailbox in an era where time is of the essence. Many people almost never dial 121 to hear a voice message, but Visual Voicemail 4 iPhone makes it convenient to view and manage your voicemail messages like emails in your inbox, provided you use an iPhone and are a Vodacom Contract, Top Up or Prepaid customer.

3. Voicemail Plus

Fax isn’t dead! Especially to those who don’t have access to email. Voicemail Plus lets you receive faxes and voicemails via email. These are automatically forwarded to a designated email address. This service is available to Vodacom Contract customers.

4. Voicemail 2 SMS

If you prefer receiving your voicemails via SMS, this service converts English voicemail messages to text messages that you can read at your convenience, without having to dial 121. You can still listen to messages when you dial 121. This service is available to Vodacom Contract or Top Up customers.

5. Look 4 It

This is a location-based service that helps you find services, restaurants, filling stations, movies, healthcare, as well as live weather and traffic services. This service can be used on any cellphone, not just smartphones, and the information is sent to you for free. All Vodacom Contract, Top Up or Prepaid customers can access this service.

6. Data Bundle Transfer

Has your child run out of data and can’t use instant messaging services? Does your mother not have transport to go and buy data? With this service, you can transfer data bundles to family and friends using your airtime or adding to your monthly bill. The service is available to Vodacom Contract, Top Up or Prepaid customers.

7. Airtime Transfer

Similar to transferring data bundles, Vodacom also makes it easy to transfer airtime to friends and family if they aren’t able to go out and buy it themselves. Vodacom Contract, Top Up or Prepaid customers can send airtime to Vodacom Prepaid and Top Up customers only.

8. Call Sponsor

Make sure your friends and family are connected. Call sponsor allows Vodacom Contract customers to sponsor SMSs and calls for up to 6 Vodacom Prepaid or Top Up customers, which they can use to make calls or send SMSs to up to 6 numbers on any network in South Africa.

9. Travel Saver

There are horror stories out there about huge cellphone bills being racked up when people travel overseas. Vodacom makes sure you keep your overseas cellular spending in check with Travel Saver.

For only R30 a day:
– You have access to competitive roaming rates of R2/MB (if WiFi hotspots aren’t accessible in one of the 180 countries included in this service)
– And R2.50 per minute for making and receiving calls.

This service is available to Vodacom Contract customers with roaming activated travelling.

10. Parental Control

The easy access to adult content with a mobile device is an unnerving reality to parents. Parental control helps you to ensure that access to adult content, including gambling and violent or sexual content is blocked on your child’s device. All Vodacom Contract and Prepaid customers can take advantage of this safety feature.

Contact us if you need more details on any of these services.  

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