The Apple News App: Curated news at your fingertips

The term “fake news” is one you should be quite familiar with by now. The Merriam Webster Dictionary recently wrote about the term’s origins in the 19th century, although it feels like it has really gained ground in the past year, with an Australian dictionary even naming it the word of the year for 2016.

Staying up to date with events around the world has never been easier, but curating the news according to your preferences and the credibility of the source proves an on-going struggle.

The Apple News App

Enter, Apple News. Apple users in the US, UK and Australia have enjoyed an improved experience of news in the latest iOS 10 update, after the Apple News app was launched for the first time in 2015. This app provides users with a curated news experience from top (and reliable) news sources around the world.

A clean and stylish interface includes the date, location and weather at the top of the screen, with different sections and the top stories for each section following as you scroll down.

What makes the app special is the inclusion of various news channels and sources. You choose which publications and topics you want to follow, and personalise your own news experience. Multimedia has become an integral part of the news experience, and the content in the Apple News app is positively brimming with photos, videos and animations.

Sharing a story with friends is as easy as tapping share and choosing where to share it. Disliking a story will help the app to stop showing you certain types of stories, making this an app that truly understands your news preferences. Stories can also be saved and read later, and you can choose to be notified about breaking news and news from the channels you have chosen to follow.

The app incorporates news from the leading news outlets conveniently and in one place, with news subscriptions also easily managed in the app.

The idea of combining news from various outlets is not new, and the app is unfortunately only accessible from the US, UK or Australia, unless you trick Apple into believing you’re in these places.

If you’re looking for an alternative, Flipboard for Apple and Android has a similar offering to ensure you stay updated without the dread of questioning the credibility of what you’re reading.

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