10 Indispensable Apps for Moms

The modern mother is undoubtedly very different from the moms of generations past. She is no longer just a domestic goddess, but often has to juggle various tasks, whilst also maintaining a career.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, here are 10 apps that are indispensable to the modern mom.

1. ChoreMonster

This is the 20th century’s way to get your kids to do what needs to be done. Your kids earn points once they’ have finished the chores you set up for them to do, and can eventually use the points to get rewards like pocket money or trips.
Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

2. Out of Milk

You haven’t seen a grocery list like this before. Keep an inventory of your pantry, add ingredients manually or by scanning barcodes, save recipes and share your shopping list with family members.
Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

3. Cozi Family Organizer

When extramural and other school activities come into play, this is the all-in-one organiser you’ve been waiting for. To-do lists, schedules, grocery lists, appointments, and even a family journal are at your fingertips.
Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

4. MamaBear

Remember when your mom said she had eyes behind her head and she could see everything? Now you can. Location-based alerts will ensure you always know where your child is, and there are even settings to monitor driving speed and online activity. Should your child be in trouble, the app also has a “panic button” function, which will immediately alert you.
Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

5. Mint

Mint is the easiest way to make sure you keep track of your spending as it happens. Adjust your budget and your spending as and when you need to.
Get it on iTunes and Google Play.


This proudly South African app is updated with new bargains a few times a week. Book an offer, buy it at your local retailer, take a picture of the till slip and save insane amounts on your monthly groceries.
Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

7. Happy Kids Timer

If you have children, the morning run can be gruelling, but this app let’s your kids take control and establish their own morning routine.
Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

8. White Noise Baby

This is a great app for new babies and new parents alike. If your baby struggles to sleep, these soothing sounds will lull your baby off to dreamland and give you a chance to get your forty winks and be ready to take on the world!
Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

9. Feeding Your Kids

Let’s be honest: domesticity fits some moms better than others. If you’re always stuck when it comes to healthy meal choices, these apps will sort that out for you. Healthy recipes will ensure the whole family gets their quota of wholesome food.
Get LaLa Lunchbox on iTunes and Lunch Box Ideas on Google Play.

10. Medscape

An app that is used by actual medical professionals to aid in diagnosis seems like something that is truly necessary for any mom. In an emergency, or when you don’t have immediate access to a medical facility, this can be very useful.
Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

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