The 5 Best Apps to teach your children how to read

Reading is, and always will be, the corner stone of education. For every parent it is the starting point of their child’s education. Educators constantly stretch the importance of reading comprehension and abilities. Luckily, once the reading spider bites it also becomes one of the most exciting things to do.

With most parents trapped in the rat race and our list of responsibilities ever increasing it can become difficult to find the time and energy to put proper focus on your child’s ability to read and to develop their appreciation for literature.

This is another area where you can push on the trusty buttons of technology. Your smartphone or tablet is more than just a communication device that occasionally plays cat videos, it is also a mobile tutor in your pocket.

Here are some awesome apps that can help to teach reading to your kids:

1. Reading Raven compatible with iOS ($2.99)

This reading app is customisable for kids between 3 years and 5 years old. A great feature is the fact that it allows children to record their own voice when reading out words and sentences.

2. Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad ($4.99)

Elmo and friends form the Sesame Street TV show teaches children the alphabet with the help of fun interactive games. The app uses teaching techniques like tracing, letter recognition, object association, and even singing!

3. Reading Rainbow for iPad and Kindle Fire (Free with monthly payments for some features)

This reading app is ideal for kids 4 years and older. Reading Rainbow gives children access to a library of books based on their profiles. What is especially exciting is the fact that parents can track their children’s progress.

4. Endless Reader for iOS and Android (Free)

This is a great app to start out with. It focuses on what it calls “sight words”. These are the most important words children need to be able to recognise when starting to read. This app also engage with kids in fun game – like challenges and puzzles.

5. Articulation Station for iOS and Android (Free)

This app was created by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist. The app focuses on four stages of reading namely; Word, Phrase, Sentence and Story. It focuses on sounding out letters which are accompanied by incredible graphics.

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