When your tech-challenged mother calls you up to confirm the news of a cellphone launch, then you know something big is happening. That is exactly what happened to me when the news broke of the Nokia 3310 remake.

The year 2000 was supposedly meant to be the end of the world or see the arrival of extraterrestrial beings. Instead, it was the year that gave us Oops! I did it again, Who let the dogs out, and the Nokia 3310.

17 Years later and people still get nostalgically happy at the mere mention of the brick-like Nokia 3310.

For those who are perhaps too young to know what the fuss is about, or those too old to remember, let’s rewind:

• The Nokia 3310 had an insane battery life. It could last for days on end.


• It had this addictive game called snake. The game had no colour or special graphics, but it still managed to keep us occupied for hours.

• The Nokia 3310 was (almost) indestructible. It could withstand so many drops that over the years it has inspire ample memes.


It is rumoured that the Finnish start-up HMD who signed a 10-year brand licensing deal with Nokia will be launching a remake of the Nokia 3310 at the Mobile World Congress on 26 February 2017.

Besides the rumours we are not sure about any other facts at the moment. It is expected that the Nokia 3310 will be a cost-effective phone and that it will have very much the same design as the original.

While this is a very exciting throwback, it is likely that one would have to sacrifice some of the features of the modern day smartphone if you want to enjoy the benefits, like battery life, that is synonymous with the original Nokia 3310.

The below video predicts what the new Nokia might look like.

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