There is a famous saying that states, “If you need to make a tough decision, flip a coin. Because while that coin is up in the air you will suddenly know what you are hoping for”.

Being in the telecoms industry, we often face customer’s indecisiveness when it comes to those two-year cellphone upgrades. Times are tough in South Africa, people are holding onto their wallets a little tighter and then off course, there is the overwhelming amount of devices and packages to choose from. This alone feels like enough reasons to opt for the easier route and simply keep everything as it is.

There are, however, a few benefits to upgrading your cellular contract, often not known by the man in the street. If you are unsure about your options, consider the following benefits to upgrading your cellphone contract:

  1. Better constructed packages

The networks often revisit their packages, and launch new packages based on the needs of the consumer. In some European countries, you will find that the packages offer much more data rather than voice minutes, which indicates a clear change in usage by the consumer. These changes in consumer behaviour are all taken into consideration when new packages are created and launched. You will probably find that there are some packages out there that can cater much better for your needs that didn’t exist two years ago.

  1. Your needs have changed

Chances are your cellular needs have also changed since your last upgrade two years ago. When upgrading your contract, it is the perfect time to get a Smartcom consultant to do an analysis of your account. There is a good chance you will be saving money at the end of the month!

  1. You don’t have to take out a new device

Yes, it is true. You can upgrade your contract without upgrading your device if your current device is still in perfectly working order. Smartcom offers some excellent SIM only options with double value offerings should you choose to go this route. SIM only deals are contracts that offer you monthly airtime, minutes or data without a device. This can potentially save you a few more bucks.

  1. Faster speeds

You might still be walking around with an EDGE or 3G only device. On the Vodacom coverage map  you can check to see if you have LTE (also known as 4G) in your area. If you want faster speeds, it sure is worth it to upgrade your phone, modem or tablet to an LTE device.

  1. Review your value added services

The networks are launching new services all the time. During your upgrade it is the perfect opportunity to review what is available, and remove the ones you no longer use.

  1. Time to insure that device

Studies show that 50% of smartphone users have to replace their cracked screens within the first year. With the cost of smartphones rising, it certainly is worth insuring. Keep in mind that many insurance companies don’t insure phones older than 30 days, so this is the ideal time to get insurance on your device.

  1. Now you can port

In November 2006 the industry listened to the demands of the public and introduced mobile number portability. You can now change from networks, and keep your number for life! Doing this while you are in your two-year contract period, will result in penalty charges. But no charges will apply once your contract has expired.

  1. Special offerings

Look out for special offerings on upgrade deals. Vodacom often throws in a free gift, additional data and more.

  1. Warranty

Last but not least, when you get a new device, you get a new warranty. On most devices the warranty period is two years, and for some it is twelve months. Be sure to check with the sales consultant when you choose your device.

To check if your Vodacom contract is due for upgrade, click here. For more information contact Smartcom on 0861667746 or email on


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