Ted Talks has been around for almost 3 decades and we cannot get enough of the informative and interesting videos.

Here are 4 videos that every tech lover should watch:

  1. How music led to the invention of modern computers

This fun talk by writer Steven Johnson explores the origin of the computer in the early days of music. Turns out that the most creative developments often take place in the areas where humanity is having the most fun.

  1. Technology hasn’t changed love. Here’s why

Helen Fisher has an interesting take on a much debated topic in this Ted Talk. According to Fisher, technology is not destroying the way we love each other, in fact it has the opposite effect. Technology is merely changing the way we form and end relationships.

  1. How better tech could protect us from distraction

Philosopher and entrepreneur Tristan Harris wants us to change the way we think about and design technology. Instead of being a disruption to our daily lives, he suggests that future technology should be designed to focus on the deepest human values.

  1. This computer will grow your food in the future

The Director of the Open Agriculture Initiative, Caleb Harper, gives yet another example of technology changing the world for the better. In this Talk, Harper talks about “food computers” and the future of farming.

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